Thirst and hunt of of Tamil Title might ends

GST is making an impact on each and every industry . Movie industry also affected with the new tax system .

If the movie certified U and with Tamil title were getting tax exception from TNT TN government .

After GST is being effect from July 1 this might stop and people who is starting the movie and which are in progress are much relaxed to choose the English or non Tamil movies .

Vijay’s movie names as Mersal while Karthi subbaraj announced his next movie Mercury .

Venkat prabhu who tricked ealier by promoting the movie as Mass and changed the name as Massu enkira maasilamani.
Now he does not need to do this so announced his “Party ”

Was the tax exception any good ?! Sadly it’s a big No.

Objective of the tax exception is to bring more good movies and encourage the producers who contributes to the Tamil culture . While we see movies got tax exception( we don’t need to name it) the. This system is total failure .

It’s good atleast government will get more money and producers will be cautious about the movie budget .

As people stated liking one line tamil words there might be still good names yet to be names but we can’t see it often .

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