Oviya Army still getting stronger | we support oviya

Even Kamalhassan realized that Bigg Boss TRP is more because of Ovia supporters. Too many drama happened in last couple of weeks. Every one in bigg boss house started hating Oviya just because she didnt obey the orders.

Julie was prooved guilty with solid evidence still Gayathri ,Snehan, Sakthi gang supports her because of simple reason , they can control her. So basic mentality is even though a bad person still they can keep her .

Oviya on the other hand , she talks to the face if any problem which is the main reason why Gayathri initially had grudge on her. Snehan also had conflicts with her so became jalra to Gayathri. Sakthi infulencied by these gossips still he was advising Gayathri to control the anger until he got blamed by Oviya.

Sakthi’s ego got triggered . Even after all the things he never apologized for his actions still justifying what ever he does was right.

Oviya literally begged behind julie to accept her mistake (that too after they proved with the video). Julie refused to talk to her , still she came back several times . While this is the case , the same person runs behind Aarav for her love whats wrong it. she is the same person. Nothing got changed.

Vaiyapuri made a excellent point that Arav started ignoring her and made fun of her with the gaythri-julie-raiza gang. any normal person go made on this . this is what happened.

Social media buzzes on Oviya’s walk out and still we hope it would be a false news. in several hours we will get to know the actually thing which is happening.

Vijay is really making the best of this opportunity to increase the TRP. No promos no clues so all eyes on the coming episode.

Oviya Army is getting stronger what ever the way they project it.

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